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4 Effective Examples of BOFU Content That Convert

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A customer’s buying journey always starts with research. And the final stage of this buying journey is known as the Bottom of Funnel (BOFU) stage. It’s the closing stage in which a user takes the final step of making a purchase.

BOFU content, on the other hand, is the content that gives users the last bit of information to help them convert in the BOFU stage. Such content is designed specifically to engage and convert leads that are at the final step of their decision-making process.

So your BOFU content must be such that it convinces your users to take the final step and convert. Remember, BOFU content is the content that your users will read just before converting. So it has to be such that it clears all confusion from the reader’s mind and answers all their doubts or queries.

Now the question is, what type of content can help you do that? In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most effective examples of BOFU content that’ll help you convert your users more easily.

So let’s get started.

1. Free Trials

Not everyone is confident about buying a product for the first time. And that’s justified, too, because they don’t know how it’s going to be. This might confuse them and make them wonder whether or not they should make the purchase.

Such confusion can negatively affect your sales and decrease your conversion rate. To remove such hiccups in the user’s decision-making process, you can offer them free trials of your product or service.

This will allow them to try out your product before they commit to a purchase. It will also help them uncover the benefits of your product or service and make a better buying decision.

When your users are able to experience your products or services firsthand, they are more confident about buying your product.

2. Product Demos

Another super effective BOFU content that you might want to use is product demos. In the age of online stores, buyers don’t get the chance to explore your products physically before buying them.

This makes many people hesitate about investing their money in your products. But you can easily change their minds and convince them to buy by offering an in-depth product demo.

In doing so, you should focus on creating video walk-throughs that offer a closer and more detailed look at your products.

Demonstrate how it’s installed and highlight your product features. This will help people clear all their doubts and convince them to convert.

3. Reviews and Testimonials

Research shows that 97% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. People trust reviews more than any promotional content or advertisement.

The reason is simple. Reviews and testimonials come from real people who have had first-hand experience with these products. So what these users say is based on their experience with the product or service. So people trust them easily and take action based on what they say.

This makes online reviews and testimonials an essential part of a buyer’s decision-making process. So by displaying positive online reviews and testimonials, you can easily convince them to buy from you.

4. Comparison Guides

The next super effective BOFU content is comparison guides. Most buyers will compare your product with your competitor before they make the purchase. So why not make it easier for them?

Create a comparison guide and highlight how you’re better than your competitor, what benefits you can offer to ease your user’s pain or solve their problems, and other such factors.

In doing so, try to focus on the benefits you offer rather than the features. This helps users understand why they should choose your product over your competitor’s.

Over to You

BOFU content is all about offering informative and persuasive content that convinces your users to convert.

So do your research to understand what your users want to know about your users and services. Once you do that, leverage this information to create your BOFU content and start converting your leads.

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